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eighties horror you might have missed

A History of VHS Companies & Cover Art

"During the early 80's, when home video was in it's infancy, an influx of video companies were created to keep up with demand in the burgeoning VHS rental market. [...] They turned out splashy covers, outrageous plot synopsis and hours and hours of visual enjoyment to the renting market. A lot of obscure films were released during this time, turning a lot of horror newbies into lifelong fans. [...] Those day are long gone now and we must preserve the experience of walking into a video store and looking at the shelves stocked with titles unfamiliar to us and the feeling we got taking that chance of picking up an unknown film..."

The inside story on Vestron Video, Wizard Video and more! Each production company has its own gallery of VHS cover art, but the links are easy to miss as they're buried in the story text, so look for the "Click Here" links throughout.

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