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Posters: Chopping Mall (1986)

Above is one of my absolute favorite eighties horror posters. It is so iconic that I'm sure most of you remember having seen it on the video store shelf (you might have even rented it, based on the box art alone). There is something so perfect about the combination of robot hand, body parts, bad pun, and drippy red font (with matching shopping bag). I'm not sure that it can be surpassed, actually. And like many a horror poster (and VHS cover) from that period, it has pretty much nothing to do with the film it represents.

The artwork for the Chopping Mall poster was done by Corey Wolfe, who did many movie posters and VHS cover designs throughout the eighties (including those for Space Vampires, Drive-In Massacre, and 976-Evil). It probably comes as no surprise that these posters were typically based on video screengrabs taken from the films before they had been completed. Wolfe claims to have otherwise had little interest in the horror genre; interestingly, much of his other work has been for Disney! Even so, he's said that the Chopping Mall poster was one of this favorite projects, along with the poster for Re-Animator (another iconic VHS cover and personal favorite). One of his recent projects is creating steampunk artifacts from old hardware and thrift store junk.

Chopping Mall was originally called Killbots, but this title was quickly changed for marketing purposes, prompting a new poster design. According to director Jim Wynorski (Sorority House Massacre II), the new title was suggested by a janitor who happened to be in the room when he and Roger Corman were discussing what to call the film. A remake of Chopping Mall is apparently in the works.

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